Thursday, October 7, 2010


I got REALLY wet on this ride.

We also went to Leavenworth.

This bug was really cool!

After a while there it started to rain and went to a resterant.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

My trip to Ontario

Steve and amy got married (my moms cousins well Steve is.)

My uncle Matt.

Me and my Mom at my Nanna's and Pappa's anniversary.
My cousin Pillip.

Holly and Phillip had fun playing together.
My Nanna and Pappa.

holly and the fish.


My Aunt Ruth.Ore as Phill calls it aunt poohf.
Me and Bethany.

Me Marie and my moms cousin Shida (I know you think they don't look related its because she's adapted.):)

My Pappa reading us a story.

Having fun in the bathtub? Oh yea.

we went to an aqarium.

lots of people don't need to put thier coffe on the table heres a new way.

My uncle Jeramy.

We went to niagra falls.
Behind the falls
Beautiful landscaping, gardens & greenhouses there too!
Carving pumpkins

Reading us a Bedtime story.
This is Hollies most comfortable position.